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Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • Professor IZAWA Takeshi
  • Associate Professor ITOH Jun-Ichi
  • Assistant Professor HIBARA Kenichiro
Research theme
  1. Genetic analysis of shoot and root differentiation during embryogenesis.
  2. Mutational analysis of panicle and flower development in rice with special reference to meristem and organ identities.
  3. Developmental genetics of shoot organization.
  4. Developmental analysis of rice homeobox genes.
  5. Molecular genetics of flower development in rice.
  6. Gene regulation during pollination.
Main Research
We have made basic researches on the regulatory mechanism of many important agronomical traits. We utilize various modern techniques of genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Our current research subjects are as follows;
  • TEL: +81-3-5841-5063
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