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Core Laboratories

Resource Development Biology
Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Genetics Genetic and molecular studies to address how developmental processes (embryo, shoot and panicle/flower development) are regulated in rice
Laboratory of Insect Genetics and Bioscience Molecular mechanisms of development, reproduction, behavior,viral infection, etc. in insects are studied by using genomic and transgenic techniques.
Applied Agrobiology
Laboratory of Crop Science The research aim is to understand the mechanism and regulation of the carbohydrate metabolism in source and sink organ including translocation process in crops.
Laboratory of Horticultural Science Studies on physiological response of fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental crops to environmental conditions
Laboratory of Applied Entomology In consideration of the development of new technics in insect pest management, we are studying diapause and pheromones in insects as well as their phylogenetic relationships.
Basic Agrobiology
Laboratory of Crop Ecology and Morphology Analysis on molecular mechanisms of rice development. Eco-physiological studies on the root system of cereal crops.
Laboratory of Plant Pathology We study on the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of plant pathogens and of resistance of host plants.
Laboratory of Biometry and Bioinformatics We develop efficient statistical models and procedures to detect diversified life phenomena ranging from genome evolution to human preference.
Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics We study molecular processes related to gametogenesis and dynamics of organelles.

Laboratory of Clinical Plant Science We study the development of new technologies for diagnosing and controlling plant diseases, train students to specialize in the diagnosis of plant diseases, and aim to establish a network of plant disease clinics.

Affiliated Laboratories

Asian Natural Environmental Science Center
Laboratory of of RNA Virology and Resistance Mechanisms Studies on virus-host interactions at the genomic, cellular and tissue levels.
Laboratory of Environmental Stress Tolerance Mechanisms Studies on tolerance mechanism to environmental stress in plant.
Laboratory of Regional Resources Reassessment Research on technology development for sustainable agriculture and rural development in Asia

Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services
The researches for establishment of the sustainable agriculture system which harmonizes with the ecosystem, and for productivity improvement under the bad environmental condition are carried out.
Our focus is to estimate ecological functions of agro-ecosystems and semi-natural woodlands, and to develop restoration methods in such ecosystems.

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