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ABE, Jun


Department of Agricultural and Environmental Biology
Laboratory of Crop Ecology and Morphology

Assistant professor (Joshu)


1985 Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo (B.A.)
1987 Division of Agriculture, Graduate School, The University of Tokyo (M.A., Agriculture)
2004 Ph.D (Agriculture), The University of Tokyo

Main Research

The root is the interface between plant and the soil. This means that the root is the organ that is directly affected by human managements (e.g., tillage and fertilization). The formation of well-developed root system is important for crops to alleviate the soil environmental stress such as water stress, nutrient deficiency, high (or low) pH and so on. Thus, I study the factors determining the root vertical distribution and analyze how the morphological and physiological properties of individual roots are integrated to the structure and function of the whole root system.

I also study the anatomy of roots, in particular, cell wall structure in the cortex (including the exodermis and endodermis) in relation to their eco-physiological functions.

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